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La Zingara Restaurant

0.13 mi
8 P T Barnum Square, Bethel, CT 06801

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Italian eatery featuring produce from its own organic farm & local purveyors, served in rustic digs.
Service options :
Outdoor seating, Curbside pickup, Takeout, Dine-in, Delivery: false
Highlights :
Fast service, Great coffee, Great dessert, Rooftop seating
Popular for :
Lunch, Dinner, Solo dining
Accessibility :
Wheelchair accessible entrance, Wheelchair accessible parking lot, Wheelchair accessible restroom, Wheelchair accessible seating
Offerings :
Alcohol, Beer, Cocktails, Coffee, Comfort food, Hard liquor, Healthy options, Organic dishes, Small plates, Vegetarian options, Wine
Dining options :
Brunch, Lunch, Dinner, Dessert, Seating
Amenities :
Bar onsite, Good for kids, High chairs, Restroom, Wi-Fi
Atmosphere :
Cozy, Romantic, Trendy, Upscale
Planning :
Dinner reservations recommended, Accepts reservations
Payments :
Credit cards, Debit cards, NFC mobile payments


La Zingara Restaurant is a charming Italian eatery located at 8 P T Barnum Square, Bethel, Connecticut, offering a delightful culinary experience with a focus on organic ingredients sourced from their own farm and local suppliers. The restaurant boasts a rustic ambiance, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere for diners.

La Zingara Restaurant specializes in Italian cuisine and offers a variety of dining options to satisfy any craving. Whether you're looking for a hearty brunch, a satisfying lunch, a memorable dinner, or simply indulging in a delightful dessert, their menu has it all.

Customers can choose to dine in the comfortable seating area or enjoy the fresh air on the rooftop patio. For those on the go, La Zingara also provides curbside pickup, takeout, and delivery options.

The restaurant highlights fast service, ensuring that you can enjoy your meal without delay. Their coffee is renowned for its quality and flavor, perfect for those seeking a caffeine boost. The dessert selection is also exceptional, offering sweet endings to your dining experience.

La Zingara caters to a variety of dietary preferences with their extensive offerings, including vegetarian options and healthy dishes. They also have a wide range of beverage choices, from refreshing cocktails and wines to beer and coffee.

With its commitment to organic and locally sourced ingredients, La Zingara Restaurant is the perfect destination for those seeking a delicious Italian meal in a warm and inviting setting.