The Crimson Moon

0.49 mi
Southern, New American
(706) 864-3982
24 N Park St, Dahlonega, GA 30533
8:00am-2:00pm, 5:00pm-10:00pm
8:00am-2:00pm, 5:00pm-10:00pm
8:00am-2:00pm, 5:00pm-10:00pm
8:00am-2:00pm, 5:00pm-10:00pm
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The Crimson Moon is a Southern and American (New) cuisine restaurant located at 24 N Park St, Dahlonega, Georgia, 30533. Here are a few tips to enhance your dining experience:

1. Make a reservation: Given its popularity, it's advisable to book a table in advance to secure your spot at The Crimson Moon.

2. Try the Southern specialties: Indulge in classic Southern dishes such as fried chicken, shrimp and grits, collard greens, and delicious homemade biscuits.

3. Explore the American (New) options: The Crimson Moon also offers a range of innovative and modern American dishes that blend different flavors and techniques.

4. Don't miss the live music: This establishment often hosts live performances, including jazz, blues, and folk music. Enjoy your meal while experiencing the vibrant atmosphere of the place.

5. Check out the specials: The Crimson Moon frequently introduces seasonal and chef specials, so be sure to inquire about any unique creations they have available.

6. Save room for dessert: End your meal on a sweet note with their delectable desserts such as pecan pie, peach cobbler, or a decadent chocolate tart.

7. Friendly staff: The staff at The Crimson Moon are known for their warm hospitality, so don't hesitate to ask for recommendations or any special requests you may have.

8. Explore the surrounding area: Located in Dahlonega, Georgia, The Crimson Moon is situated in a charming town known for its historic downtown area and beautiful scenery. Take some time to explore the local attractions after your meal.

Remember, The Crimson Moon offers a unique blend of Southern and American (New) dishes, live music, and a delightful ambiance, making it a must-visit destination for food enthusiasts and music lovers alike.