The Bagel Place

2.03 mi
Delis, Bagels, Coffee & Tea
(617) 467-4244
300 Needham St, Newton, MA 02459

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The Bagel Place is a delightful deli located at 300 Needham St, Newton, Massachusetts, 02459. Known for their scrumptious bagels, they also offer a wide variety of options for coffee and tea enthusiasts. Here are some tips to enhance your experience at The Bagel Place:

1. Try their signature bagels: With a range of flavors and toppings available, be sure to sample their delicious bagels. From plain and sesame to everything and cinnamon raisin, there is something to please everyone's taste buds.

2. Explore their deli options: Apart from bagels, The Bagel Place also offers a variety of deli items including sandwiches, wraps, and breakfast specials. The combinations are endless, so don't hesitate to ask for recommendations.

3. Pair your meal with a hot cup of coffee or tea: The Bagel Place takes pride in their selection of coffees and teas. Treat yourself to a freshly brewed cup that perfectly complements your meal.

4. Grab a seat outside: If weather permits, consider sitting outside and enjoying your meal. The Bagel Place offers outdoor seating, giving you a chance to savor your food amidst the beautiful surroundings.

5. Don't forget the cream cheese: No bagel is complete without a spread of cream cheese. The Bagel Place offers a variety of flavors, including plain, vegetable, scallion, and many more. Don't be shy to ask for a sample before making your choice.

6. Check out their catering services: If you have a special event coming up, The Bagel Place provides catering services. Treat your guests to a delectable spread of bagels, sandwiches, and other mouthwatering treats.

7. Plan for busy times: The Bagel Place is a popular spot, especially during breakfast and lunch hours. Plan accordingly and be prepared to wait a bit during peak times.

Remember, The Bagel Place is a delightful haven for bagel lovers, coffee enthusiasts, and deli connoisseurs alike. Enjoy all that they have to offer at their convenient location in Newton, Massachusetts.