Seafood Heaven

18.37 mi
(281) 781-7729
566 Fm 1960 Ste C, Houston, TX 77090
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Seafood Heaven is a delightful seafood restaurant located at 566 Fm 1960 Ste C, Houston, Texas. With its focus on seafood cuisine, this place is a true gem for seafood lovers. Here are some tips to make the most of your visit.

1. Fresh and Flavorful: Seafood Heaven is committed to providing only the freshest and most delicious seafood. Be prepared to indulge in a wide variety of delectable dishes made from the finest quality ingredients.

2. Must-Try Dishes: Don't miss the signature dishes at Seafood Heaven, such as the mouthwatering grilled lobster, creamy seafood pasta, or the famous seafood platter - a true feast for the senses.

3. Friendly Ambience: Seafood Heaven offers a warm and inviting atmosphere, perfect for both casual and special occasions. The attentive and friendly staff will ensure you have a memorable dining experience.

4. Timely Reservations: To avoid any inconvenience, it's advisable to make a reservation in advance, especially during peak hours or weekends.

5. Takeout Options: If you prefer to enjoy seafood in the comfort of your own home, Seafood Heaven also offers convenient takeout services. Just place your order and savor the deliciousness wherever you please.

Seafood Heaven is a haven for seafood enthusiasts, promising a memorable dining experience with its fresh and flavorful dishes in a friendly atmosphere.