Crawfish Chris

2.66 mi
Seafood, Food Stands, Caterers
(512) 541-5000
Houston, TX 77007
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Located in Houston, Texas, Crawfish Chris is a renowned seafood food stand and catering service highly regarded for its delectable crawfish dishes. Here are some tips to ensure you have an exceptional experience at Crawfish Chris:

1. Try their signature Crawfish Boil: Indulge in their perfectly seasoned, steaming hot crawfish boil for a true taste of Louisiana's finest flavors.

2. Explore their seafood offerings: Besides crawfish, Crawfish Chris serves a variety of fresh seafood options like shrimp, crab, and oysters. Don't miss out on these mouthwatering treats.

3. Opt for their catering services: Whether you're hosting a small gathering or a large event, Crawfish Chris offers excellent catering services to satisfy your seafood cravings and impress your guests.

4. Check their daily specials: Keep an eye out for their daily specials, which often include unique seafood dishes or special discounts. Follow their social media pages for updates.

5. Enjoy the lively atmosphere: Crawfish Chris is not just about the food; it's also a place to relax and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere. Gather your friends and family and have a memorable dining experience.

Remember, Crawfish Chris is a popular destination, so it's advisable to make reservations or arrive early to secure your table and experience the best of their seafood delights.