Mexican Hot Chocolate

Aka lingering fire. dark chocolate ice cream with saigon cinnamon and ground chili flakes
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"...the flavors the classic vanilla bean dark chocolate toffee bar crunch cookies & cream cafe au lait chocolate malted peanut butter chocolate flake chocolate flake mint chocolate flake strawberries & cream the clever mexican hot chocolate cinnamon snappin' salted crack caramel sweet as honey bananamon nanatella cotton candy stout & pretzels hoppy pig walt in the sky with diamonds sorbets coconut fudge caught in the rain lemon sky more frozen treats brownie sundae milkshakes floats our top picks your mileage may vary of course, but our recommendation for your first visit: definitely try some salty, smoky, bitter salted crack caramel..."
- Serious Eats
"...about marguerite eats home marguerite eats marguerite eats adventures of a new york-based affordable food enthusiast ample hills creamery august 7, 2012 salted crack caramel and mexican hot chocolate ($5.25) my friend evan and i had been planning on making a trip to ample hills creamery in prospect heights, for weeks...evan got a double size ($5.25) with one scoop of the salted crack caramel (salted butter ice cream with pieces of debs famous crack cookies, made with saltines, butter, sugar, and chocolate mmm) and one scoop of the mexican hot chocolate (dark chocolate ice cream with saigon cinnamon and chili flakes)...related category : dessert tags : ample hills, ample hills creamery, banana, beer, brooklyn, candied bacon, caramel, chili flakes, chocolate swirl, crack cookies, delicious, family, food, guinness, honeycomb, ice cream, ice cream flavors, kid friendly, maple bacon, marguerite eats, mexican hot chocolate, nanatella, new york, new york city, nutella, prospect heights, restaurants, salted caramel, salted crack caramel, st..."
- Marguerite Eats
"...mexican hot chocolate ice cream: also known as lingering fire, this ice cream is composed of dark chocolate ice cream with saigon cinnamon and ground chili flakes...hester street fair: hester and essex street new york, ny hester street hester street fair les lower east side we rub you korean bbq bulgogi ample hills creamery pork mexican hot chocolate ice cream 1 omacronalpha reblogged this from eatlikealadynyc eatlikealadynyc posted this design by simon fletcher..."
- Eat Like a Lady
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